You're Teaching Our Children What?

Safe Schools teaching gender diversity to Sydney Uni students

By Rebecca Urban, The Australian.
Teaching students at Sydney University have taken part in sexual and gender diversity training run by the Safe Schools Coalition, as the group looks to shore up supporters before its funding winds up next year.
A testimonial from the university’s faculty of education, seen by The Weekend Australian, reveals that Safe Schools has been involved in developing curriculum for the bachelor of education degree, incorporating sexual and gender diversity content into a nine-week unit aimed at final-year students.
The revelation comes as Safe Schools has ramped up its promotional work in the wake of community concern about the anti-bullying initiative straying from its original purpose by pushing contested gender ­theory and a politically correct ­approach to sexual education into classrooms.
Safe Schools NSW project ­officer Mary Flaskas last month conducted an in-service at the university, with the specific aim of raising awareness of the ­“important initiative”.
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