You're Teaching Our Children What?

Our toddlers are too precious for contested gender ideology

By Wendy Francis, The Australian Christian Lobby. Early Childhood Australia has made a new appeal for child carers and pre-school teachers to sign up to its controversial national training months after the Australian Christian Lobby warned that a resource listed for further reading encouraged participants to view toddlers and babies as sexual beings.

Last week, Early Childhood Australia advised that it had extended the registration deadline for Start Early to March 2017, prompting the Australian Christian Lobby to renew calls for the immediate cancellation of the program which is funded by the NSW Government.

“While the deadline extension suggests the take up of the training module has been less than anticipated, the ACL is disappointed to learn it is still being promoted in all states, eight months after serious problems with the content were flagged,” said ACL spokesperson, Wendy Francis.

“The training module should have been removed, and funding from the NSW Government withdrawn, once the full extent of the sexual content came to light in March.”

Still listed under the ‘further reading and viewing’ section, the Pam Linke book ‘Children’s Sexual Development and Behaviour: Pants Aren’t Rude’, encourages parents and teachers to think about their children, and even babies, as ‘sexual beings’ who should be allowed to sexually stimulate themselves from infancy.

“Most parents would be disturbed that childcare staff and pre-school educators are being told to view their children as sexual beings,” Ms Francis said.

“This is an extreme and dangerous way for any adults to view children.”

In the book, educators are told to encourage children to keep masturbating in private, rather than telling them to stop.

“The ideological thinking that gender is fluid is underlying this module just as it did in the controversial Safe Schools program,” Ms Francis said.

“The ACL believes it is inappropriate for educators to be taught these ideas and encouraged to apply it to toddlers, particularly without the knowledge of parents.

“It is one thing for adults at the Mardi Gras to celebrate questionable values of sexual anarchy and gender denialism, it is quite another to impose rainbow ideology on children in childcare centres.”

“Rainbow politics has gone too far. If marriage is redefined in law, these sort of programs will be impossible to stop,” Ms Francis said.

“Many people think the political objectives of the same-sex marriage movement don’t affect them.

“When we see it reaching into our schools and now even to wanting to sexualise toddlers in childcare centres, we need to take a good hard look at where our nation is heading.”

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