You're Teaching Our Children What?

Ansell sponsored online sex-ed resource moderated by ARCSHS at La Trobe University and listed on Victorian Government website as teacher resources

A Victorian teacher has refused to teach the controversial Respectful Relationships sex-ed material referring to it as ‘lewd’. One look at the activity student worksheet No. 4 explains her reaction.
The worksheet, in talking about health risks, lists ‘ways to engage in sexual pleasure’ and includes ‘analingus’ defined as the activity ‘when you give someone anal oral sex’ and ‘Cunnilingus … the name for oral sex when performed on a female.’ Why are young people exposed to such material?
This online resource is sponsored by Ansell (Australian company which manufactures condoms, medical gloves etc.) and moderated by ARCSHS (the creators of Safe Schools at La Trobe). You can visit the online resource here.
When The Australian newspaper tried to contact the department of education a spokeswoman for Victorian Education Minister, James ­Merlino, would not comment on whether there were plans to ­endorse the resource, saying only that it was not part of the department’s resources. Now the materials are promoted by the Victorian Government on a website for teacher resources – see here.
Why are such materials endorsed by the Victorian Government? Doesn’t Ansell have a conflict of interest? It is time for Mr Melino to start addressing concerns raised by parents. Or perhaps it is time he finds a new job. You can see the full student worksheet here.
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