You're Teaching Our Children What?

Parents! Is your child’s school planning to screen the controversial Gay Baby film on ‘Wear it Purple Day’ this Friday?

Schools (including primary schools) are being asked by the ‘Wear it Purple Day’ organisers to, ‘Celebrate Wear it Purple Day with the all-new GAYBY BABY School Action Toolkit!’ and to screen the controversial Gaby Baby film, DESPITE the film being banned last year by NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli. Last year Mr Piccoli sent a memo to all public school ­principals ordering them not to show the film Gayby Baby instead of school lessons. Premier Mike Baird had also said that Gayby Baby should not be screened during class time and parents should have the option for their children not to attend.

Gayby Baby is a documentary that looks at the lives of four kids growing up with same-sex parents. The stories are told against the backdrop of the marriage equality debate in Australia.

The Gayby Baby toolkit encourages teachers to promote school activities that would single out or ostracise socially conservative students and for the school environment to become politicised with lobbying campaigns and one-sided messages on political and controversial issues such as celebrating Wear it Purple Day or IDAHOT. The toolkit resource aims to transform students into political lobbyists who advocate for homosexual advocacy policy changes at their schools. The toolkit states:

“…it’s a great way to connect your school with a global movement towards acceptance and inclusivity.” p. 37

“Update school policies and practices..” p. 38

“Consider ways to encourage families and community organisations… to be actively involved in your efforts to value and celebrate diversity. This might include adding an LGBTIQ charity to your yearly fundraising efforts, and inviting community organisations to do the same.”p.36


HAVE SCHOOLS INFORMED PARENTS ABOUT THE GAYBY BABY FILM AND TOOLKIT? The Department of Education explicitly states that if the topic is controversial schools have a responsibility to inform parents and must allow parents to withdraw their child should they wish.

Parents should enquire with their child’s school as to whether the school is planning to organise a ‘Wear it Purple Day’ on Friday 26 August and whether the school is planning to show the Gaby Baby film and/or use the Gayby Baby toolkit.

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