You're Teaching Our Children What?

It’s OK Not to Wear Purple

ALL young people should be safe, supported and free to express themselves

What is ‘Wear it Purple Day’?

‘Wear it Purple Day’ will be held on Friday, 26th August. Australian primary and secondary schools are urged to participate in various activities which aim to promote sexual diversity and to “challenge societal attitudes.” On this day, students are instructed to wear purple, sign pledges and create petitions, raise the rainbow flag, screen the film ‘Gayby Baby’, invite LGBTIQ speakers to address the school and to introduce LGBTIQ books into the curriculum. ‘Wear it Purple Day’ is more than just diversity; it represents social engineering, it deconstructs family, it is gender theory forced on our children. It is about normalising and celebrating homosexual, bisexual and transsexual lifestyles.

What we stand for

LGBTIQ young people should never be bullied! However, young people from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, who have respect for people from all walks of life, should not be coerced into celebrating and promoting homosexual and transsexual lifestyles when this is contrary to their culture, faith and family values. They should not be forced into violating their conscience, that would be cruel and harmful. That would be bullying.

Reverse Bullying

Unfortunately, ‘Wear it Purple Days’ lead to reverse bullying of those students who do not want to show public support for an ideology that challenges their traditional values and beliefs. From the testimonials we have received, it is obvious that the diverse cultural and religious backgrounds of young people is not being respected.

“My younger sister was embarrassed in front of her school assembly on wear it purple day when she refused to stand up in support for the LGBT community when everyone else did and was therefore singled out as an outcast.”
“On Purple Day…the entire school was made to sit through an assembly, which openly advocated for alternative lifestyles. Students with differing beliefs were silenced and in the end all students were made to wear a purple ribbon.”
“In our school, Wear It Purple Day was planned without informing parents or obtaining our consent. Prior to the Wear It Purple Day, the children were shown a promotional video during assembly, without parental knowledge.”

What can you do?

Students should not feel pressured to wear purple on ‘Wear it Purple Day’. Parents need to know they have the right to speak to their principal and the right to be informed and consulted about ‘Wear it Purple Day’. The Department of Education explicitly states that if the topic is controversial:

  • Schools have a responsibility to inform parents
  • Schools must allow parents to withdraw their child
  • Schools must consult parents



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