You're Teaching Our Children What?

Sexual thought police should back off

YOU may not be thrilled about the highly sexualised Safe Schools program being forced on children without parental knowledge, and its attempt to rebrand as “heterosexism” the idea that heterosexuality is the norm in human relationships.

But wait till you see what the sexual social engineers have in store for preschool kids.

In the national Start Early program, being rolled out at childcare centres and kindergartens next month, toddlers reportedly will be taught about sexuality, cross-dressing, and the fluidity of gender roles, and may even take group tours of the opposite sex’s toilets.

Early Childhood Australia spokeswoman Clare McHugh told the Melbourne Herald — Sun the program would reduce domestic violence which she claimed is associated with “rigid views on gender”.

She also said: “Children are sexual beings”

 What on earth does that mean?

Why is the spokeswoman for an organisation that caters for innocent children aged 0-5 even talking about sex.

And why are national programs being imposed that take away parental discretion in teaching their own children about such intimate issues. Each family is entitled to pass on its own values, at a time of its own choosing, whether they are religiously based or not.

It was bad enough when we heard 11-year-olds were being advised to bind their breasts and tuck in their penises to practice being a member of the opposite sex. But the thought police invading preschools is positively Orwellian.

Has the world gone mad?

By: The Daily Telegraph

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