You're Teaching Our Children What?

Safe Schools protesters trash Cory Bernardi’s Adelaide office

Cory Bernardi has blamed Bill Shorten for inciting supporters of the Safe Schools program to trash his electorate office.

The South Australian conservative Liberal senator told The Australian that the Opposition Leader gave “Lefty totalitarians” an implicit green light to resort to name calling and violence to shut down debate, after Mr Shorten last month labelled him a “homophobe” for pushing for a review of a taxpayer-funded program about lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and/or intersex students in schools.

“Bill Shorten produced a counterfactual and resorted to name calling. He gave the implicit green light to all of his supporters to do the same, and it encourages people to take actions into their own hands,” Senator Bernardi told The Australian.

“The Left are the modern totalitarians.”

Student protesters have trashed Cory Bernardi’s reception area at his Kent Town office in Adelaide . Picture: Mark Brake

Senator Bernardi is among those leading the charge against the Safe Schools program, an anti-bullying program funded by Labor and launched by the Coalition two years ago. At least 43 Coalition backbenchers want a parliamentary inquiry into the scheme amid concern by some parents and teachers that the program was indoctrinating students.

Protesters angry at the move today marched on Senator Bernardi’s electorate office in Adelaide and defaced it with vile graffiti, overturned furniture and tipped papers and documents onto floors.

Slogans including “shame” and “f*** Bernardi” were scrawled on and around the Kent Town office.

Mr Bernardi’s wife and staffers retreated into other rooms.

Senator Bernardi said the protesters had acted in a cowardly and gutless way.

“It says something about the totalitarianism of the Left. When their ideology is challenged they resort to name calling and violence,” he said.

“They are not prepared to argue factually but rather try to shut down debate.

“I will never be bullied into submission by anyone.”

He said it was too early to say if security would be increased.


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