You're Teaching Our Children What?


you’re teaching our children what? A website to raise awareness about the safe schools anti-bullying program

A website to combat the Safe Schools Coalition Australia program has been launched by a group of concerned mothers.

A spokeswoman for the mother’s group said “late last year we formed as a group of mums who were concerned about what was being taught to our children in the name of sex education. At the time, our local MPs were unhelpful and we realised we’d need to build up a grassroots movement if we were going to have our voices heard. In one of our discussions last year, the need for a website was mentioned and through that conversation was born.”

Sex education was introduced into schools to better equip young people with skills that enable sexual health sustaining behaviours and improve sexual health outcomes (Weaver, Smith & Kippax; 2007). With the spread of HIV in the 80’s, sex education became a tool to raise children’s awareness of the dangers of risk taking behaviours. 

Today sex education has changed to become sexuality education and is promoting a change in culture and freedom to be open to a wide variety of sexual experiences from a young age.

The Safe Schools Coalition Australia program is an example of this change. The program is a federally funded anti-bullying program introduced in schools to reduce the incidence of bullying against homosexual and transgender children. However, close inspection of the content and resources for this program reveals explicit information that is inappropriate for school aged children, including politicised messages that promote sexual ideologies, and the Minus 18 website which contains age-inappropriate content for school aged students and encourages them to hide it from their parents.

Dr Miriam Grossman, a child psychiatrist, argues that sex education programs today completely ignore significant biological and biochemical factors. In her 20 years of experience with young people, Dr Grossman has become greatly concerned for their emotional and physical wellbeing because of sex education which is not teaching sexual health but the freedom to be open to high risk sexual experience. Dr Grossman reviewed material from various programs and found that the material was not medically accurate and not based on biological realities and thus irresponsible.

While schools do need to address the issue of bullying, the sexualised and politicised lessons within the Safe Schools Coalition Australia program cross the line from bullying-prevention into indoctrination of a new gender ideology. Puberty is difficult and the confusing messages of this program such as “genitals do not equal gender” could impact on the psychological and emotional wellbeing of young people.

“Our chief goal is to reassert the rights of parents as the primary educators of their children on sensitive and controversial issues.”

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