You're Teaching Our Children What?

Is the Safe Schools Coalition treading on dangerous ground?

Community contribution / February 11, 2016

Recently, Victorian newspapers reported about a mother who withdrew her child from a public high school in Victoria which had signed up to the government funded Safe Schools Coalition.

Purportedly, Safe Schools are taking a stand against bullying which targets young people of diverse sexual orientation, a worthy goal, but if you delve a little further it appears to go way beyond this.

At the risk of being politically incorrect, and possibly labelled as homophobic (because that’s what happens when someone raises legitimate concerns nowadays), I suggest that the Safe Schools Coalition goes much further.

So, I decided to head to their website and I must admit I was shocked by what I saw. The range of resources promoting gender diversity, intersex, bisexual, and homosexual lifestyles was a bit overwhelming.

Safe Schools are treading on dangerous ground if they blindly and unthinkingly implement all that they are being encouraged to do.

For example, Safe Schools are encouraged to let boys who believe they are a girl to use the girls’ toilets and change facilities.

Similarly, girls who believe they are boys can do the same. Am I the only teacher and parent who sees this as a red flag and greatly open to abuse?

There is no way I would allow my teenage daughter to use school toilets frequented by boys who “think” they are girls. Or my teenage sons for the same matter. This may be simplistic, but it’s no great stretch to believe that it might happen.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not taking a stand one way or another as to whether children can be born with the wrong gender, but I am gravely concerned that the Safe School Coalition is pushing an ideology presented as fact that all of us will be forced to swallow (and in the end, teach to our students).

Another disturbing example is that girls who think they are boys are given advice about how to flatten their breasts. Boys who think they are girls are taught to “tuck” their genitals.

If you don’t believe me check out the Safe Schools funded Minus 18 website.

Both these practices can’t be healthy, in fact, I would suggest they are dangerous. As teachers aren’t we crossing some sort of line if we are instructed to teach this?

Have we lost our moral compass? What is our world going to look like in 20 years time? What dangerous messages are we giving to our children in the name of anti-bullying?

It seems to me that minority lobby groups are the flavour of the month, and have disproportionate power to influence.

I urge teachers to investigate, consider, think and reflect, not just blindly follow the pack.

If this trend continues there will be more than one child pulled from public schools and private school enrolments will continue to grow.

Source: By Chalkie, EducationHQ Australia

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