You're Teaching Our Children What?

Summary of Miriam Grossman’s research into sexuality education

Biological truths are ignored

  • Children and young people are not being taught biological realities and truth in sexuality education. Instead they are learning an ideology. It is less about sexual health and more about a social movement.
  • The information presented is not based on reality. Children and young people are taught there are no differences between male and female, no inborn qualities that influence behaviour and emotion and that everything is determined by society and people’s attitudes.
  • Children and young people are not told that males and females are biologically different and unique and this can have a number of consequences. For example, that high risk sexual activity can endanger girls more than boys or that abortion can be devastating. In this perfect world, where there is no male or female, young women are sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.
  • Sexual activity at a young age has a more significant effect on girls than boys. Girls are more biologically vulnerable to sexual infections if they have sex at a younger age because their cervixes are immature and therefore more vulnerable to infections. This can have long term consequences.
  • Another disadvantage for girls in this sexual freedom is that girls have a different biochemistry than boys. The oxytocin hormone in girls invokes a strong need for emotional attachment. Thus, many girls, as they pursue sex, are really or simultaneously craving an emotional relationship. However, the testosterone hormone in boys dampens the oxytocin and so many boys are more focused on a physical relationship.
  • Sexuality education today is not medically accurate, nor ideologically neutral and it does not tell young people what they need to know.

Claims that parents agree with the sexuality education in schools

  • Proponents claim that the teaching material is acceptable to a majority of parents. The reality is that most parents are unaware of what is being taught in sexuality education today.  Once aware, they are very concerned about what their children are being taught.

Individual choice and freedom is paramount with no mention of negative consequences

  • Emphasis on person choice and freedom but there is no mention of the consequences of this freedom.
  • There is no warning that casual sex can endanger lives.
  • No one is allowed to judge another one’s choice or to offer advice because sexual choice and freedom is the most important thing.
  • Sexuality education whitewashes the feelings and the distress that comes when the young people  get STI”s. There is no mention of the warts, the blisters, the discomforts, the diseases etc because sexual freedom, not health and wellbeing, is the priority.
  • The openness, the adventure, the freedom is celebrated which fuels STIs, unwanted pregnancies, abortions, distress.
  • Sexuality education is open to any sexual activity at any age. Sexual activity is assumed and high risk sexual behaviour is regarded as normal.
  • Young people are prone to poor decisions. They often don’t have good judgement, especially in the heat of the moment, and they take physical and emotional risks. This reality is ignored.
  • We have the highest standards for every other health issue except for sexuality.

Biased programme

  • Sexuality education claims to be unbiased but there are inferred choices.
  • Theoretically, sexuality education is supposed to encourage young people to delay sex. However, the course emphasises “choice” and has constant references to sexual activity.
  • Bias towards promoting a homosexual and transgender lifestyle.

Ideologically Driven

  • Resources encourage high risk sexual behaviour such as anal and oral sex. The objective is not health but open, accepting, free sexual behaviour.

The primary objective of the resources is sexual freedom.

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