You're Teaching Our Children What?

Labor’s Plan for Sexuality Education in Schools

When Miranda Devine exposed Labor’s sinister identity politics agenda in a recent article, the response from Opposition Leader Bill Shorten was truly shocking.

Despite Labor’s draft policy document clearly proving their plans to remove gender from legal documents, like Birth Certificates, Bill Shorten said “No plans to do that… I just wonder why Conservatives get so obsessed with other people’s sexuality.” Their own document references sexuality 300 times! In case you’re wondering who’s really obsessed with other people’s sexuality.

Miranda said “Bill Shorten is not being straight with the Australian people when he pretends the party platform is just a few ideas thrown up for discussion. It’s binding on a Labor government. It is their policy blueprint. He is obliged to implement it. And he knows it, of course.”

The Labor draft policy document is very concerning to parents. Here are just some of policies:

–       Investigate establishing a National Gender and Sex Characteristics Centre to provide support and advocacy for transgender and intersex Australians, which could have an education and training role to promote awareness about transgender and intersex issues to the wider public;

–       Review documentation requirements, including passports and birth certificates, as they affect transgender and intersex people, to facilitate their equal enjoyment of human rights without discrimination and to promote identification options beyond binary male / female;

–       Establish under the Australian Human Rights Act 1986 a new Commissioner for Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Intersex Status issues, to work across government and the private sector to reduce discrimination

–       Labor is committed to making sex education inclusive of all sexualities and gender identities. Labor will ensure the sex education curriculum is kept up-to-date and reviewed regularly by both nongovernment organisations and experts working in LGBTI health.

Read the Full Report here

There you have it. Labor intends to indoctrinate every school aged child with LGBTQ sexuality and lifestyle. This is Safe Schools on steroids.

The question is: Why did Bill Shorten deny what’s plain and clear in his own Party’s document? Why doesn’t he want parents of Australia to know what’s being decided behind closed doors and behind our backs?

What does this Sexuality Education looks like? This…

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