You're Teaching Our Children What?

Kids Helpline Preaches Gender Theory To Vulnerable Children

Australia’s most vulnerable children visit the Kids Helpline website every day for guidance on serious emotional and mental issues. Instead of providing facts and encouraging children to speak to their families, they are instead being urged to participate in activism to promote Transgender ideology .

Kids Helpline is promoting the same highly contested gender theory as Safe Schools. Funded by numerous bodies including the Department of Health, Optus and the Future Generation Investment Company, Kids Helpline is embracing the ideological transgender narrative on its website.

Sexual Identity –

The notion of sexual fluidity is reinforced and promoted in KHL website for young people who might be confused about who they are attracted to (it also blows away the previous LGBT slogan ‘we’re born that way’):

“Just because you define your sexuality one way now, doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind later.” 

“Your sexuality can be the same all your life or you might define yourself differently as you learn more about yourself”

Kids Helpline promotes promiscuity and sexual experimentation for young people questioning their sexual identity:

“It’s OK to have sexual thoughts, fantasies, or experiences with people of the same sex or gender. Noticing how these make you feel might help you make sense of your sexuality.”

Kids Helpline suggests for young people to read books, fiction, watch shows etc on LGBTIQA+ experiences.

“Learn more about what it’s like being in the LGBTIQA+ community. Check out Internet articles, books, fiction, blogs, music, shows and video games about their experiences.”

Gender Identity –

Once again, our children are being indoctrinated in gender theory. KHL asserts that sex is something that is assigned by a doctor because “most societies think there are only 2 genders…” again denying the biological reality of sex and conflating biological sex with the idea of gender as a ‘social construct.’

To further the confusion of the young people visiting this site, they assert that “There are lots of possible gender identities out there! People can identify as one of the binary genders, as moving between genders, as no gender or as another gender altogether.” This ideological approach to influencing vulnerable children will have serious consequences for their long term mental health. The creators of this website tell children that “It’s not “just a phase” and you’re not “just confused”.

Rather than promoting a reasonable “watching, waiting” approach as advocated by a growing number of paediatricians for young people questioning their gender, children are encouraged to start expressing their gender identity by “consider taking some small steps like making changes to the way you dress, how you wear your hair or the gender pronouns you use.” This reinforces sexist gender stereotypes – ie, if you feel like wearing pants, you’re probably a boy. If you like long hair, you’re probably a girl.

Unashamedly, this government funded website encourages children to “Participate in activism for Trans and gender diverse people. This could involve liking a related social media page, posting or blogging about or helping people understand the impact of misgendering.”

Gender transition is still a hugely contested area of medical science, yet KHL persists on promoting this dangerous fad to kids. In 2012, there were 18 referrals to the gender clinic­ run by ­Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital. That figure rose to 200 last year. Preliminary research indicates that young people who identify as trans “out of the blue” may have been influenced by social media sites and researchers have observed a pattern of clusters of friends coming out together.

In these pages kids are NOT advised to talk to their parents about their feelings or confusion.

Kids Helpline promotes the aggressive tactics of transgender and LGBT organisations to promote and normalise this medical experiment.

The Federal Government’s ‘Student Wellbeing Hub’ promotes this site.

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