You're Teaching Our Children What?

Santa Sabina principal digs in over gender row

by Miranda Devine
Original Source: Daily Telegraph

THE ‘gender theory’ furore at Santa Sabina Catholic girls’ school only intensified this week, as the school board called in crisis managers and embattled principal Dr Maree Herrett called an “emergency assembly” at which she wept in front of 1000 students.

Dr Herrett told the girls at the assembly Monday morning that she was a victim of “bullying tactics. It’s not a nice feeling”.

“You are a diverse community, that’s the reality, but you are all Santa girls …. You all have a right to be here. What you don’t have a right to is bullying, harassment and telling other people they’re wrong”.

The elite Catholic school in Strathfield has been in uproar since Herrett linked the concept of gender fluidity to the introduction last month of trousers into the school uniform, saying it was about enabling, “a variety of gender expression” and making students who questioned their gender identity “more comfortable”.

Parents were further alarmed when, two days before the uniform launch on February 25, Herrett tweeted an endorsement of a book about the radical gender theory which underpins the discredited Safe Schools program and which disputes the concept of binary sexes — as in male or female.

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