You're Teaching Our Children What?

NSW DV Prevention Toolkit Links to Explicit Material

The Education Standards Authority Act 2013 (NESA Act) clearly states that NESA’s role is to “provide strategic leadership in improving standards of school education” and to “improve student learning and wellbeing through developing world class curriculum”. The PDHPE Teacher Toolkit: Prevention of Domestic Violence once again, falls short of achieving this goal.

This resource contains links to Ironically, this website talks about “how to keep it healthy and respectful, and avoid crossing the line..” all lines have been crossed with the boorish animated gifs depicting “sex for the first time” featuring sexual innuendo involving young children, children’s cartoon characters and even animals.



The nefarious objectives of are realised by the inclusion of a “quick escape” button located at the top right hand corner of every page. Allowing children to hide their browsing of the highly sexualised and explicit contents of this site from their parents.

Australian students will continue to fall behind international standards unless schools recommit to teaching what children really need to know- reading, writing, and mathematics. Gender theory and sexualised teaching resources do not belong in our schools.

Rob Stokes, please tell Tom Alegounarias, Chair of NESA, to demonstrate educational leadership and ensure that all NESA endorsed resources reflect the values and expectations of Australian parents. Remove this content now!

Parents, sign and share our petition to Stop Safe Schools Gender Theory

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