You're Teaching Our Children What?


Qantas has BANNED staff from saying: ‘husband, wife, mother & father’ because it may offend the #LGBT community, according to the Daily Mail.

Mums, dads, boys & girls (before these words become officially illegal), why would you fly an airline so entrenched in indoctrination, rather than improving service? As mums, WE’RE offended that QANTAS staff aren’t allowed to call us by our rightful title. Motherhood is our greatest achievement and greatest joy. QANTAS now refuses to acknowledge our existence.

Tell QANTAS it’s NOT okay to degender us in order to pander to the perpetually offended.

Complete the QANTAS Complaints Form Here
Or get in touch with Qantas head office on +61 (02) 9691 3636
Qantas Airways Limited
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Mascot NSW 2020

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