You're Teaching Our Children What?




My name is Steve Tourloukis. I’m, a father of two school aged children. I live in the city of Hamilton in the province of Ontario.

Canada and Australia are often compared with one another. We share a lot of history, a common language, multi cultural society and many common values. I guess you could say, Australia is like our first cousin.

Canada was one of the first countries to legalize same sex marriage. Many Australians are indifferent to gay marriage because they wrongly believe that redefining marriage will not affect them or the culture at large.

This position is dangerously naive. Traditional marriage is the cornerstone of human civilization when you redefine something as basic as marriage, there are unavoidable changes that occur in other institution throughout society.

Marriage is not just a private matter. It affects the entire culture, including young children in public schools.

Almost immediately after same sex marriage was legalized in Canada, I began to learn about changes that were planned for the school curriculum in my province. What I learned deeply troubled me. School officials embarked immediately on the program that they themselves refer to as the ‘unlearning process’.

Materials relating to homosexuality were to permeate all subjects and all grade levels. In my jurisdiction, a school can only purchase text books from an approved list. A book will not get on to the approved list unless it somehow incorporates materials relating to homosexuality.

Needless to say, publishers of math textbooks were at a loss for how to proceed.

Examples of indoctrination abound in Canadian schools.

In one classroom, children were forced to participate in mock gay weddings. This wasn’t some special program, it was a regular suburban school.

Each student was told to pair with a classmate of the same sex. Lead by a guest speaker from the gay community. These kids were supposed to pretend that they were getting married to their same sex classmate.

In Health Class, Canadian students are now be exposed to graphic sex education which includes discussions of anal sex and even more extreme things. This is not just happening in high schools but much younger grades as well.

This is not the type of education I want for my kids and I don’t think of this is the type of education that Australians want for their children either.

In Canada, the redefinition of marriage has brought about the complete loss of parental rights in the school system.

In fact, the training document given to teachers to help implement the new curriculum denies the very existence of parental rights.

This isn’t really surprising when civil servants are empowered to redefine marriage, they’re not going to be restrained from redefining other relationships as well.

School bureaucrats in Ontario have actually begun to refer to themselves as co-parents. Can you believe it?

No wonder they don’t feel the need to tell me when and what my children will be taught.

This over reach represents a complete usurpation of parental rights. To whom do my children belong? I already have a co-parent for my children. She’s my wife.

In the last year, our Legislature even passed the law, giving the government the power to remove kids from their homes if parents teach them a traditional view of marriage or if they fight against the kind of things now being taught in our schools.

It’s hard to believe, but It’s now the reality here in Canada.

Do the people of Australia want to live in a country where you have to go to court to find out what your children are learning?

This is not an exaggeration. This incursion on parental rights is typical in places where marriage has been redefined.

I have given you a glimpse of what happens to an education system when marriage is redefined.

Materials relating to homosexuality will permeate the curriculum and all grades and all subjects, parents will lose the rights, gay marriage is not just a private matter, it affects the entire culture, including young children in public schools.


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