You're Teaching Our Children What?

Safe Schools Teaches Kids to Celebrate Sexuality Diversity

They told parents Safe Schools was introduced as an Anti-Bullying Program.

Not to teach Sexual Diversity to children.

Safe Schools teaches that sexuality is fluid. You can be attracted to boys, or girls, both, or none and this can change at any time.

The All  of Us resource invites children to imagine themselves as being 16 years or older (the legal age of consent) and in a same-sex relationship.

It seeks to change children’s ideas about sexuality and encourages them to be open to homosexual and bisexual experiences,creating a culture of approval for homosexuality, to normalise and celebrate it.

It teaches kids that ‘Heteronormal’ is wrong.

It’s time for the parents of Australia to stand together and say NO to the radical teachings of Safe Schools.


Authorised by E Pantelis – Sydney.

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