You're Teaching Our Children What?

What Does Safe Schools Really Teach?

Safe Schools was introduced to teach anti-bullying techniques in schools.

So, why does the Safe Schools ‘All of Us’ resource only mention ‘Bullying’ 7 times?

But the word ‘Gender’ is mentioned more than 190 times.

Safe Schools is really about teaching Gender Theory to children as young as 12.

“The All Of Us educational resource has been developed to support core outcomes of the Australian Curriculum for Health and Physical Education…

Schools may also choose to adapt and use the videos and teaching activities in other areas of the curriculum such as English, History, Humanities, Legal Studies, Civics and Citizenship, and applied
learning curriculums (e.g. VCAL, TAS) where the exploration of LGBTI people and topics allows students to explore a range of areas which are relevant to each subject’s learning intentions.” (page 9).

As you can see, it permeates every subject area, so there’s no ‘opt out’ if your school has ‘opted in.’


Authorised by E Pantelis – Sydney.

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