You're Teaching Our Children What?

Safe Schools: Gender Neutral Language and Toilets

We were all told that Safe Schools is an anti-bullying program.

But it actually just assists schools to facilitate Gender Diversity and Gender Transitioning.

Teachers are told not to use ‘Gendered’ language, like ‘Boys and Girls’ or ‘Ladies and Gentlemen.’

Safe Schools asks boys and girls to use the same toilets and change rooms.

Safe Schools ‘All of Us’ Resource. Page 51. Click to enlarge:

Safe Schools promotes Gender Transitioning to 4 year olds. The Safe Schools recommended children’s book ‘The Gender Fairy’ tells toddlers ‘Only you know whether you’re a boy or a girl. No one can tell you.’

Safe Schools shows children how to access websites about chest binding and penis tucking techniques.

Safe Schools makes crossing dressing and transgender behavior seem normal.

Why does Safe Schools promote gender transitioning with 90% of children grow out of gender dysphoria by puberty?




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