You're Teaching Our Children What?

Politicians Declare Gender War on our Kids

It’s time for the Parents of Australia to Unite and Save Our Kids

Attorney General George Brandis is leading the charge to make hormone (sex-change) drugs easily accessible for our kids by eliminating the need for Family Court approval, despite documented facts such as permanent health effects like brain damage and infertility.

Still in an experimental phase this proposed treatment is both immoral and irresponsible.

Why are politicians engaging in such a hostile attack on our most vulnerable youth?  Why are they pushing the gender agenda?  Why are they pushing Safe Schools?

What is going on?  Parents of Australia it’s time to make a stand and tell politicians to back off.  Your kids need you to make a stand – NOW!

All gender ideology stems from Safe Schools.  Victoria is the only state currently running the unedited Safe Schools Program.  Safe Schools Victoria continues to incorporate dangerous gender theory into every subject area and there is no ‘opt out’ if your school has opted in.

So, it’s no coincidence that Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital has the highest number of Gender Dysphoria cases in our country.

And since the introduction of ‘Safe Schools,’ a new kind of Gender Dysphoria has emerged, called ‘Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria.’

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Lisa Marchiano says “preliminary research indicates that young people who identify as trans “out of the blue” may have been influenced by social media sites that valorize being trans. In addition, researchers have observed a pattern of clusters of friends coming out together.”

Lisa warns: “While many in the research community are gaining a growing awareness of rapid onset gender dysphoria and its contagious nature, clinical practice guidelines have not caught up with this newer understanding.”

“The growing community of detransitioners – mostly young women in their 20s – suggests that loosening the standards for accessing medical transition hasn’t served everyone well.”

John Whitehall, Professor of Paediatrics at Western Sydney University said “What astonishes me is the lack of evidence to support massive medical intervention aimed at “changing” a child’s sex when such procedures are simply not necessary.” (Quadrant Magazine – December 2016)

Despite all this knowledge, the Daily Mail reports that: “Mr Brandis agrees teenagers wanting hormone treatment should no longer be required to go through the judicial system as it is ‘therapeutic’ to treat the ‘disease’ of gender dysphoria.”

Family and Community Services hit back at Brandis saying the decision to begin hormone treatment is not reversible.

The introduction of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria is a clear indication of the damaging impact Safe Schools is now having on our kids.

Hormone treatment is not the answer.  Stopping Safe Schools and politicians like George Brandis is the only solution.

PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION TO STOP SAFE SCHOOLS.  Send a clear message to George Brandis and those like him that our kids do not belong to the government and we will not let them be used as lab rats.

MalcolmTurnbull fix this problem now.


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