You're Teaching Our Children What?

Parents of Peru Ban Gender Madness. Now it’s Our Turn!

Parents around the world are fighting to get Gender Ideology out of our schools and away from our children!

Some encouraging news from Peru: “An association of parents in Peru has scored a victory in a crucial lawsuit to stop the government from indoctrinating their children in gender ideology.

The first civil chamber of Lima’s Superior Court of Justice sided with the group Parents in Action (Padres en Acción) and nullified part of the Ministry of Education’s “National Curriculum of Basic Education,” which encourages teachers to present “gender” as a psychological construct.” – Lifesite News

“We won the lawsuit! A day to celebrate #TheRightofParents (#DerechodePadres) to intervene in the education of their children,” announced Parents in Action on its Facebook page.

“We reiterate our request to the Ministry of Education to immediately halt the arbitrary ideological indoctrination of children,” the group stated, calling on the ministry to start a dialog “with parents and civil society to define an approach to sexuality based on reality, science, virtue, and the culture of life and family that is part of the cultural identity of the majority of Peruvians.”

And just like in Australia, their version of ‘Safe Schools Coalition’ deny, deny, deny everything! “Despite the language in the current National Curriculum of Basic Education, the Ministry of Education claims that it doesn’t teach gender ideology.”


It’s amazing what can be achieved when we stand together to protect our children!


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