You're Teaching Our Children What?

Wear it Purple Day –Indisputable Politicisation of our Children

Mel Smith from the NSW Teachers’ Federation is imploring schools to embrace activist events in the lead up to the plebiscite on changing the definition of marriage. She states that “Wear it Purple Day embraces and celebrates sexuality, sex and gender diversity.” But do school children, some as young as 12, really need to celebrate sexuality, sex and gender at school?

Many of these ‘’Wear it Purple Days’ involve guest speakers who toot the “marriage equality” horn. ‘Wear it Purple’ day is not an anti-bullying program, it is another opportunity for Safe Schools to promote their ideology. Stand Out, a resource created by Minus 18 & Safe Schools, encourages students to commit to school activism by organising ‘Wear it Purple Days’ and to fundraise for this organisation.

Mr Stokes, please remind Principals that our schools are not indoctrination hubs. Schools are places of learning, not celebrating sexuality.

Parents, is your school holding a ‘Wear it Purple Day’ event? Have you given your consent for your child to participate in this celebration of sexuality?

If your school is hosting a ‘Wear it Purple Day’ event, please take a photo of banners, posters, badges or wristbands and send them to us.

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