You're Teaching Our Children What?

Safe Schools Returns to NSW – In Disguise

Safe Schools and Minus 18 – a parasite thriving in the NSW PDHPE Curriculum
The NSW Educational Standards Authority (NESA) defies Education Minister on gender theory and Safe Schools.

Senior Curriculum Officer for PDHPE, Dominique Sidaros, released a statement on 11th August urging educators to take a “whole-school approach” to teaching sexuality and sexual health education.  The first resource listed in her mandate is called The practical guide to love, sex and relationships.

This resource was written by Jenny Walsh, with Anne Mitchell and Mandy Hudson of the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society (ARCSHS), La Trobe University, with input from Roz Ward. All key developers of the now infamous Safe Schools Program. Despite its new name, this program contains the same gender theory, teaching resources and student activities that were deemed too controversial to remain in the classroom.

The insidious inclusion of the program ‘The Practical guide to love, sex and relationships’ on the NESA website comes despite a directive from Education Minister Rob Stokes in February to ban the teaching of gender theory in NSW schools.

Topic 3: Freedom Fighters, tells Year 7 students that gender is a social construct and to “critically evaluate” the “negative affect” gender expectations have on themselves and their relationships with others. Students must then endure a 7 minute video depicting an alien invasion of earth and the swapping of gender roles, finally the narrator declares we can “beat those Martian bastards that say we have to be a certain way just because you’re a boy.” Sounds of crowds jeering and blood-soaked blades complete the anarchistic tone of the video.

The Year 9 topic on sexual diversity uses the ‘Stepping Out’ activity where students have to imagine they are in a relationship with someone of the same sex and then respond to a series of scenarios, was first seen in the ‘All of Us’ resource and was removed from the NSW version following the Louden review. Students are shown slides where they are told that the definition of gay or lesbian is based not on sexual acts, but rather on “feelings” or “emotional attraction” to others of the same sex.

The resource boldly directs teachers to the Safe Schools Coalition website and to the use of the ‘All of Us’ resource to supplement lessons on gender diversity. Students are encouraged to visit the Minus18 website where they can access information on how to bypass parental controls on the internet.

Mr Stokes please investigate immediately.   The NSW Government has said loud and clear – no gender theory in schools!  Parents have said loud and clear – no to Safe Schools!

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION TO STOP SAFE SCHOOLS…NSW residents – Tell the NSW State Government to stop Safe Schools material being re-introduced into the schools in disguise!

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