You're Teaching Our Children What?

Sign the Petition to Stop Safe Schools

We call on the State and Federal Governments and State Education Departments to withdraw funding and ban Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA) programs from Australian schools.

We oppose the programs because it is not an anti-bullying program:

• It exposes children to sexually explicit adult content;

• It exposes children to queer and gender theory;

• It encourages crossdressing and gender transitioning even without parental consent;

• It teaches children that ‘STIs [Sexually Transmissible Infections] are no big deal’, without advising long term physical and mental outcomes;

• It promotes risky sexual behaviours and multiple-sexual partners as ‘normal’ and even aspirational; and

• It removes parental rights to determine the best outcomes for their child.

We respectfully request that:
• a genuine anti-bullying program that is more inclusive and representative of the wider school community is developed; and

• a body with professional input and representative parental involvement is responsible for reviewing and evaluating all sexuality education in Australian schools

Sign the petition! Please include your State as we will present this petition to your State Government.

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