You're Teaching Our Children What?

Peter Dutton calls for sackings after bureaucrats’ sneaky attempt to bring back Safe Schools

By MIRANDA DEVINE, BRUCE McDOUGALL, The Daily Telegraph:  IMMIGRATION Minister Peter Dutton has called for education bureaucrats who tried to sneak the controversial Safe Schools program back onto the NSW curriculum to be sacked.

The Daily Telegraph exclusively reported that a guide on “sexuality and sexual health education” for Years 1-10 was posted on the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) website on Friday, despite the government’s ban on Safe Schools.

Mr Dutton said today the reinstalment of Safe Schools was the latest example of “political correctness gone mad”.

“The silent majority just shake their head in bewilderment at this,” Mr Dutton told Radio 2GB.

“Something has to happen here. The people who are in the department that actively made the decision to go against the government of the day, to go against the NSW Education Minister (Rob Stokes) and to go ahead and provide this information – those people need to be sacked.

“There’s no question about it. They need to be held to account for their actions, and you’re right, we send our kids to school because we want them to learn to read and write, we want them to not have political correct agendas shoved down their throat, and at the same time as we are seeing a drop-off in the literacy and numeracy rates, we’re putting more and more money into education.

“I think we need to really shine a light on this because it’s unacceptable and these people need to realise that there’s a consequence and a price to pay if they’re going to act against the instruction that they’ve been given.”

Mr Stokes said he “took immediate action to take down the link” as soon as he found out about it on Tuesday night.

“The teaching resource material referred to by The Daily Telegraph was linked to a news item on the NESA website without my authorisation,” Mr Stokes said.

The Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) guide gave teachers access to resource material from the Safe Schools program written at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society at La Trobe University where Safe Schools originated.

Entitled the “Practical guide to love, sex and relationships”, the teaching resource includes activities for Year 7 students which require them to swap gender roles. One activity for Year 9 asks students to imagine they are in a gay or lesbian relationship.

The PDHPE guide was removed from the NESA website after a group of anti-Safe Schools mothers linked to it from their website “You’re Teaching Our Children What?” (YTOCW). They replaced the link with an archived version.

Mother-of-two Catherine, who helps maintain the YTOCW  website (You’re Teaching Our Children What?) and asked that her real name not be used, told The Daily Telegraph: “We’re disappointed that this material has crept back in.

“We’re also kind of shocked that the Education Minister’s directive was not implemented through NESA.

It is understood that no one at NESA has been disciplined for breaching the ban on the controversial sexual and gender diversity program.

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