You're Teaching Our Children What?

The Daily Telegraph: Safe Schools returns to NSW — almost

EDUCATION bureaucrats have tried to sneak Safe Schools back onto the NSW curriculum in defiance of the ban on the contentious sexual and gender diversity program.

A guide on “sexuality and sexual health education” for Years 1 to 10 was posted on the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) website on August 11 by senior curriculum officer Dominique Sidaros.

The PDHPE (Personal Development, Health and Physical Education) guide gave teachers a recommended link to a teaching resource from the Safe Schools program, written at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society at La Trobe University where Safe Schools originated.

Listed in acknowledgments for the resource is controversial Safe Schools architect Roz Ward for her “generous feedback”.

Entitled the “Practical guide to love, sex and relationships”, the teaching resource includes activities for Year 7 students which require them to swap gender roles. One activity for Year 9 asks students to imagine they are in a gay or lesbian relationship.

Education Minister Rob Stokes said yesterday he took “immediate action to take down the link” as soon as he found out about it on Tuesday night.

“The teaching resource material referred to by The Daily Telegraph was linked to a news item on the NESA website without my authorisation,” Mr Stokes said.

“Safe Schools was a Federal Government program and funding ceased in the 2017-18 Federal Budget.”

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION TO STOP SAFE SCHOOLS…NSW residents – Tell the NSW State Government to stop Safe Schools material being re-introduced into the schools in disguise!

The PDHPE guide was removed from the NESA website after a group of anti-Safe Schools mothers linked to it from their website “You’re Teaching Our Children What?” (YTOCW). They replaced the link with an archived version.

Mother-of-two Catherine, who helps maintain the YTOCW website and asked that her real name not be used, told The Daily Telegraph: “We’re disappointed that this material has crept back in.

“We’re also kind of shocked that the Education Minister’s directive was not implemented through NESA.

“They report to the Education Minister and part of their mission statement is they prepare robust, high quality programs for students, and it’s concerning that they’re not working together with the Minister.

“They’ve been specifically told that gender theory will no longer be taught. NESA has endorsed this program by putting it on their website. They can’t weasel out of it.”

As for the disappearance of the document from NESA’s website on Tuesday, “that says it all”, Catherine said.

In one Year 9 lesson on “sexual diversity” in the “sexuality and sexual health education” resource teachers ask half the class to imagine that they are in a relationship with someone of the same sex, and half to imagine they are in a relationship with someone of the opposite sex.

They must answer “yes” or “no” out loud to ten questions, such as “Could you invite your partner home with you?”

Another question is “Will you be able to get married in Australia” and “Would you and your partner be able to adopt a child. “

Every “yes” answer attracts a score of one point. After the exercise students are told to sit down in order of their point score so that the last one standing has the lowest score.

Catherine pointed out that many of the exercises were removed from the Safe Schools program after the federal government’s independent review.

“We’re shocked … the message is that parents must continue to be vigilant and asking questions of their principals and head teachers especially in PDHPE,” she said.

Safe Schools _ widely condemned as a social engineering program dressed up as anti-bullying _ has been replaced by a $6 million broadbased anti-bullying plan in NSW schools to cover every student in the state.

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION TO STOP SAFE SCHOOLS…NSW residents – Tell the NSW State Government to stop Safe Schools material being re-introduced into the schools in disguise!


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