You're Teaching Our Children What?

BREAKING VIDEO: Desperate Victorian mother goes public, on self made video, about Safe Schools

Mother reveals all about Safe Schools

BREAKING: Desperate Victorian mother goes public, on self made video, about the dangerous Safe Schools program and what it exposed her child too at school. Every parent must watch and share this!

Posted by You're Teaching Our Children What? on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

As mums, we put an incredible level of trust into teachers. We want to believe that our children are being taught what they need to learn in order to flourish in their career of choice.

We don’t sign up to Government Funded education expecting our children to be exposed to hyper-sexualised content, or radical political agendas.

One mum has exposed what’s really being taught under the guide of an ‘anti bullying program.’ Her Video is 14 ½ minutes long so if you don’t have time to watch the whole thing (because let’s face it, we’re mums. We’re busy!), here’s what the Political Posting Mum revealed:

– Safe Schools is not and never was an anti-bullying program. It was compiled by La Trobe University’s department of Sex and Gender Studies. Not by teachers or Psychologists, but by Transgender Activists.
– At her child’s school, 13 yr old students were shown a dildo and taught how to use it. They were also taught how to masturbate using electric toothbrushes and electric razors and how to perform anal sex.
– They are told that there are 63 different genders.
– What is most shocking of all is that teachers told students they were not to tell anyone what was being taught in the classroom.
– At first, the school principal denied that the Safe Schools Program had been implemented into the school curriculum, but as this mother investigated further, she found the list of participating schools and her child’s school was indeed on the list!
– She confronted the Principal again and was told that ‘all children are having sex’ and they were merely teaching them ‘safe’ options.
– There is no ‘opt out’ for the Safe Schools program because you will not be told if your school is participating. It is implemented in every subject area and not limited to merely a ‘sex education’ class.

No mum wants to see any child being bullied… for any reason! Teachers don’t need to teach students hyper sexualised content in order to stop bullying.

Has your child been exposed to this radical agenda at school? Please, share your story with us and help us expose Safe Schools for what it really is. Being concerned about children being exposed to radical gender theory is not Transphobic, it’s common sense parenting.

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