MINUS18 (co-developers of Safe Schools) Invites children to trans feme day

PARENTS! MINUS18 (co-developers of Safe Schools) invites your children & young adults this Saturday to share a day on transgenderism. The organisers offer to meet children at a train station & take them to the venue and back and provide toilets if children want to change their clothes to reflect their preferred gender. At the event a “Question round with a trans specialist doctor who you can quiz about transition pathways.” How about engaging the parents?! No mention. Please share so that parents may be informed.

Hey Friends! Are you trans femme (trans girls, trans women, non-binary femme)? Omg us too! Let’s hang out!
We’re running the cutest (and first ever!) trans femme event!

+ Music performances (from Mama Alto OMG!! Whaaaat? Yeah we know right?!!),
+ A panel discussion from trans femme folk doing awesome things in the community,
+ Games,
+ Question round with a trans specialist doctor who you can quiz about transition pathways,
+ Free Food

So come down to Minus18 to have some chats about finding community, self care, transfemme pride, and why margarita is the queen of all pizza. Obviously.

Getting Here: We will meet you at Southern cross station at 11am, on the corner of Spencer Street and Collins Street. We will help you get to the venue and back afterwards!

We are right next to the Docklands Library. Our venue is called ‘Knowledge Market’ Shop 8-10, 892 Bourke Street, Docklands VIC 3008

We have toilets you can get changed in if you need!

Cost: FREE!

Age: 25 and under

Access: Our venue is fully accessible, toilets included. The 11 Tram goes down Collins St and ends in an accessible stop. We are 100m from the stop. We have air-conditioning and are smoke free.

‘Trans femme’ might be a new word for some people, here’s what it means: those who were assigned male at birth (AMAB), but do not identify as such. Also included are gender diverse Indigenous and/or People of Colour (IaoPoC) who’s cultures do not connect with the cis/trans binary and therefore the label AMAB would not apply for them. These identities may be called transfemme, transgirl, transwoman, non-binary, genderfluid, genderqueer, agender, androgyne, bakla, hijra, sistergirl, fa’afafine, two spirit, kahtoey, whakawahine and more!

Still questioning your gender identity? You are so so welcome! This will be a judgement free space for you to explore your gender and be supported! ♥

If you have any questions get in touch with our Youth Worker Frankie: frankie@minus18.org.au

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