You're Teaching Our Children What?

Why the axing of Roz Ward does not mean we are safe from Safe Schools

At least Safe Schools co-founder Roz Ward revealed the true motives and Marxist roots of the program. Now it’s in danger of being legitimised by Education Department insiders. (Pic: David Geraghty/The Australian)


There was premature jollification when news filtered through late on Friday that Safe Schools founder Roz Ward had been axed from the controversial program.

The struggling Victorian government has belatedly realised that its attachment to the self-described Marxists of La Trobe University’s sex research unit is not exactly embraced by the electorate.

The more parents discovered about Safe Schools — a sexual indoctrination program, under the guise of “anti-bullying”, which asserts extreme fringe views of gender and sexual fluidity — the less they liked.

And Ward was a lightning rod for their discontent. In June she was suspended by LaTrobe after she posted on Facebook that the Australian flag was “racist” and should be replaced by a Communist red flag.

She was quickly reinstated after a union outcry, but last month was caught on camera trying to forcibly remove the red baseball cap of a Trump supporter. Then last week she gloated about keeping parents in the dark, telling The Guardian: “Discussions about gender and sexual diversity are… in the Victorian curriculum and there is no reason why they should need parental consent any more than long division in maths.”

She had become a liability to Safe Schools.

For that reason it’s a pity she’s gone, and the program is being brought in-house by the Education Department.

Ward’s candour at least revealed the true motives and Marxist roots of the program

But now that Safe Schools will be administered by insiders, who are cut from the same cloth as La Trobe’s academics, it is in danger of being legitimised.

Already Socialist Premier Dan Andrews has adopted Safe Schools gender-free outlook.

A new “Inclusive Language Guide” urges Victoria’s public servants to avoid “heteronormative” words such as “husband” and “wife” and, instead, use gender-neutral terms such as “zie” and “hir”.

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