You're Teaching Our Children What?

Labor Party elite protect their own kids, not others

Miranda Devine – Courier Mail

At least we know that Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews are sensible parents. Both Labor politicians have chosen to send their children to schools where they will be protected from the sexual propaganda of the Safe Schools program.

Andrews has made Safe Schools mandatory in Victorian schools and derides as “bigots” anyone who criticises its extreme teachings on “gender fluidity” and “heterosexism”. But, while he’s happy to inflict such nonsense on other people’s offspring, he sends his own ­children to Catholic schools where Safe Schools will never be part of the curriculum.

Shorten sends his daughter to a local public school in Melbourne but she is too young to be exposed to Safe Schools until she hits high school. But if she follows her older siblings into independent schools, she, too, is likely to remain blissfully safe from Safe Schools.  Do what we say, not what we do, is alive and well among Labor’s elite.

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